• ZAK. F

    High quality service. 

    I was able to do my taxes without moving or waiting, I save time. I submitted my docs remotely from home and in less than a week my tax return is ready.



    I have been doing my taxes as a self-employed  for years with this firm and I am really satisfied.

    The service is of a high standard! Flexibility, responsiveness and listening skills are among the strengths of the team!

    I sincerely recommend them!


    Since our retirement, we have moved to Northern Quebec and we have been able to continue to have the same service to do our taxes remotely with the same team of professional accountants, we have been clients for 15 years and we are still satisfied with the service.

    Thank you.


    My taxes ? It's been a long time since I cared about it ... why? simply that when we entrust them to an expert, someone who can be trusted and who uses all his professional knowledge to save me as much as possible and this in the rules of the art, I do not see why I risk doing them myself! The many risks of making mistakes to save a few dollars are not worth it. With you, I have full confidence while frankly paying little. I can sleep soundly, everything is done impeccably and quickly. Thanks to the whole team!


    As a retiree, traveling in winter to do my taxes is difficult. Since I have the ability to file my documents and do my taxes without traveling thanks to my tablet from home, I am really happy and I'm less stressed.

    Thank you.


    I am Canadian and I work in the United States, moving only to do my taxes with my accountant is not an obvious thing, since the same service is offered remotely with the same accounting firm, I don't have to worry anymore, I save a lot of time and the service is always impeccable like going in person on site but without waiting in line.



    I have been doing my taxes and those of my family with them for years and I am really satisfied. I highly recommend them.


    Professional service. Experienced team attentive to the client. I am self-employed, I lack the time to travel especially in winter, I'm able to do my taxes from home in a safe way, especially since the service is offered remotely.

    I am satisfied and I recommend them.